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Nawoo's research and development team makes an accurate estimate of the future of NDT through accumulative know-how of experts who gather their energies and develop infinity technology competitive power to research and development through intellectual Property.
Subject results present condition

2002. 7
Industry-Academic-Research cooperation technical development consortium,
Gd Convert Screen and real-time graphic device development of neutron Radiography NDT

2004. 8
Medium and small enterprises technical innovation development work,
Eddy current PROBE development [success completion]

2005. 3
Electric-power industry research and development business
Steam generator that remove defect detection errors
Heat transfer tube damage estimation new technology

2005. 7
Area reform consortium business
Intelligence style ultrasonic inspection system development

2006. 4
Medium and small enterprises technical innovation development work
Nondestructive testing SYSTEM development for defect detection of reformer tube

2007. 7
Industry-Academic-Research cooperation technical development consortium
Exposure alarm monitor development for radiation work

2008. 3
Next generation, radiation industrial technology area reform center joint research,
Ministry of Commerce, US-NDT system development progress

2008. 7
Development of C-san, program and driving module for Automated Ultrasonic testing

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