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UT/Mate SpotWeld Inspector

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UT/Mate SpotWeld Inspector


Developed in close cooperation with the automotive industry, UT/Mate SpotWeld Inspector uses ultrasonic nondestructive technology to replace the traditional methods, destructive by their nature, commonly used for assessing the quality of spot welds. The UT/Mate significantly reduces inspection time, provides material and manpower savings, offers fast feedback to the welding process and delivers a quick return on investment.


UT/Mate SpotWeld Inspector features:


• Easy connection to existing PCs, laptops, industrial laptops or tablets
• Integration with standard environments such as Windows XP, Win 7, and Win 10 (32/64 bit)
• Automatic GO/NO-GO decision making
• Automatic classification of SpotWeld quality
• Real time probe normality and positioning feedback to operators
• Tight control of ultrasonic probe beam size
• Multi-gate capture
• Identification of intermediate peaks
• Support of 2, 3 and 4 plate combinations
• Automatic velocity calculator
• Strong backup-restore function including automatic scheduler
• Merge feature for adding local changes in the inspection plan
• Network connectivity for data sharing and optional 3rd party data management tools
• Virtually unlimited number of inspection set-ups and A-scan storage capacity to cover the entire set of parts to be inspected
• Wide selection of ScanMaster probe diameters
• Automatic generation of inspection reports, with option for customization



• Reduced inspection time
• Manpower savings
• Prevention of inventory loss caused by destructive (chisel and hammer and tear-down) testing
• Prevention of potential manpower injuries related to the methods above
• Near real time feedback to the production process
• Highly reliable and smooth 24/7 operation