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with Sensor/Cable DTM-400


Portable Densitometer LED
with Sensor/Cable DTM-400

Product Details

DTM400 Portable Densitometer is a hand held device

for carrying out your X-ray film Processor quality assurance requirement.


It is a unique hand-held transmission densitometer combining ease of use with high accuracy and repeatability.

The fine Sensor probe allows small areas of film to be measured accurately with readings being displayed on the large clear red LED .

Built-in Battery power supply and separate 1 m sensor means

that the DTM400 is not limited in its areas of operation and is extremely light – just 250g – so carrying it

from place to place is extremely practical. Battery usage is minimal and a low battery warning is provided with audio alarm.


Density Range : 0-4.00D

Sensor : Photo IC with 1m long Cable

Sensor Aperture :2 mm and 3 mm

Resolution : 0.01D Accuracy: +/- 0.03D

Repeatability : +/- 0.02D

Power Supply : 3x 1.2V AAA Battery or rechargeable battery

Battery Time : 250 hours above Size: 110 mm x 68 mm x 25 mm ( LxWxH)