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LS-500 Series

Product Details

 Industrial Ultrasonic Scanning Systems


High resolution C-scan Imaging systems
for Production and Laboratory Inspection


Fully integrated imaging systems, including ultrasonic electronics, scanning mechanics, data acquisition and process software.
Rugged, reliable systems for multi shift operation in industrial environments.
Optional 2 position lift platform for easy loading and unloading of parts.
Accurate scanning mechanics, with exceptional resolution and repeatability on all axes.
High immunity against electromagnetic noise.
ScanMaster CSI software for Windows XP/7©, with programming in parts coordinates for importing complex part geometry from CAD.
Excellent near-surface flaw resolution and penetration power.
Multiple gate A-scan, B-scan and C-scan imaging with real time view on monitor display.
Unique software functionality increases productivity and reduces scan time.
Extensive real time and post scan data processing and analysis.
Process utilities with automated flaw search, identification and evaluation.
Reporting of inspection and set up results with customized report generation.