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교육용 용접부 결함시편

Product Details

교육용 용접부 결함시편


한세트 내에 형태, 크기, 위치가 다른 결함을 내장한 작은 용접 시험편

1. 적용:
– 용접 결함의 종류/ 결함 원리/ 결함원리 판정/ 결함의 Sizing
2. Kit 구성
– 10개의 결함 시험편
– 결함 구성, 크기, 위치 등에 관한 자료
– 10 Micro Sections
– Magnafying glass
– 성적서
– Polypropylene Case


A set of miniature welds, macro sections and photo-radiographs to demonstrate the principles of flaw
detection, flaw interpretation and basic sizing.


Recommended for
• Introduction to weld flaws
• Demonstrate principles of flaw detection
• Demonstrate typical flaw responses
• Demonstrate principles of flaw interpretation
• Basic flaw sizing

Kit contents
• 10 miniature flawed specimens
• Flaw location details
• Testing and acceptance criteria
• Photo-radiographs (where applicable) for each specimen
• 10 Macro sections
• Magnifying glass
• Certificate of conformance

• Demonstration kit covering all methods
• Ultrasonic testing
• Magnetic particle testing
• Penetrant testing
• Visual testing
• Radiographic testing

• Carbon Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Aluminium


Kits are presented in a durable polypropylene case
with high density black moulded inserts.


Kit types and contents

Magnetic particle (KTCS88) & Penetrant kit(KTCS89)
The 3 tee and 7 plate specimens contain a selection of commonly occurring surface-breaking flaws.